Here is how you earn your points. Your total points decides where you place in each tournament. Based on your placement, you will get your reward. The prize pool is regulated by the number of entrants.

Each tournament ends when the last match of the day is completed. The rewards are then distributed to the participants. Thus you can participate in all or just some of the days.

This model is being used specifically for the Mosconi Cup, and may be changed for later events.

Winner lag 40
Match winner Player/Team 60
Games won Per player/team 20-120
Fouls committed Per player/team 20-120
Illegal breaks Per player/team. No 3-points achieved 20-120
Golden breaks Per player/team 50-200
Average number of balls on break Only legal made balls count, also on illegal/fouled breaks 60-120
Utilized time extensions Both after break and during the game count 20-100
Jump shots made Only legal jump shots without a foul count 20-100
Bank shots made Only legal bank shots making a ball count 20-100
Score after completed day 80
Break & Run 20-100


These points are given to decide the final ranking in cases where 2 or more players have the same number of points.

Shots performed with opposite hand 1
Shots performed using the bridge All shots count 1
Combo's made for the win All shots count 1
Number of push-outs Only legal shots count 1
Who will be MVP? 1-3