How to Play

Signing up and playing is quick and easy. You need to be minimum 18 years old to play. Once you’ve signed up, pick an event and choose a tournament to participate in. Follow the action on the official stream, and reap your rewards!

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Sign up for a free account using your email. Once you’ve registered you will be able to pick an event and participate in the tournaments. The entry fees vary from freerolls to $25 for the most profiled events. Note! You need to be minimum 18 years old to play. You can only have one account registered to your name.
After signing up, you will be able to pick the event you want to participate in the tournament for. We plan to have 104 tournaments during 2021. There will be a ranking list for each tournament, as well as a season long one. Monthly and yearly winners will receive extra prizes and glory! Winning 3 tournaments gives you a “triple crown” and all the benefits that come with it! The Mosconi Cup is divided into 1 tournament per day. We will distribute prizes for each day, as well as to the combined winner.
You will see that not only do you need to select the right players, but you also have to use some analytic skills. We ask you to predict what the score will be, how many break & runs, how many fouls, as well as other factors that will decide who are the most skillful players. We award the top 10% of the field. The prize pool is decided on by the number of entrants, so invite a friend and boost the prize pool!
The top 10% of the field will be rewarded with prizes. The rewards come in the shape of credits (virtual coins) that can be redeemed into prizes in our webshop. Here you will find the most popular billiard products from the most reputable brands. If you got your eyes on a product costing more than the credits you’ve won, no problem! Just enter a new tournament and win some more! Your credits stay in your “bank” for as long as you want. Free and quick shipping worldwide! Join the action! See scoring system